Jason Houchen

Jason grew up in a mid-sized farm/industrial town in the middle of Missouri, that boasted of the Missouri State Fair and “Gooberburgers”, hamburgers with peanut butter on them. At a young age, he learned that hard work and attention to detail were the basis of achieving my goals. As a sickly child, he would sit for hours drawing and coloring in stacks of sketchbooks. His mother enrolled him in local community college sculpture class at the age of eight.

Jason attended the University of Missouri where he received my B.F.A. in Sculpture. His work in steel sculpture focused on the juxtaposition of organic forms out of hardened industrial materials.

After graduating, he relocated to Los Angeles where he discovered highly influential classical folk art, street art, and a burgeoning pop surrealism art scene. Finding that he needed a large and elaborately furnished studio to continue with his undergraduate sculptural work, his emphasis turned towards painting and drawing.

Along with his background in sculpture and with his exploration of the gallery scene, he found himself creating intricate woodburnings. His work has evolved into woodburnings on three-dimensional woodcarvings which have taken him back to his sculptural roots.